Generate Leads That Convert

You need a targeted system for generating and converting high-quality leads.

Any business needs new contacts to maintain it’s growth. However, prospecting is often a daunting and complicated process. Especially without the right team and resources. 

Our multi-channel lead generation services help you:

  • Get your messaging in front of the right audiences
  • Convert interested prospects into hot leads
  • Optimize conversion funnel weak points
  • Align sales and marketing for seamless handoff

The Power of Proactive Lead Generation

We’ll help you find the ideal customers interested in exactly what you offer.
Through a process of careful research and understanding your target market, we’ll make sure everything fits with your mission, budget, and revenue goals. 

The Growth Notion Difference: Leads That Convert

Email Prospecting

The most cost-efficient way of securing new meetings and potential customers is through email. With our help, most of the tedious work is already done for you. We can supply you with a list you can use straight away. Or we can even do the outreach for you.

Generating new opportunities

To sell more, you need to have people to talk to! In the online world that usually translates to doing more demo calls or online meetings. With our prospecting lists and outreach services, we can cover all the bases for you, so that the meetings are already booked and waiting for you.

Achieving Sales and Marketing KPIs

Boosting your sales is always important, and hitting those targets year on year will naturally increase your profits. Lead generation isn’t just for brand new companies. Having the right leads brings you a step closer to achieving your goals.


Just because a lead isn’t interested in your product right now (perhaps it’s not the right time, or they just don’t have the budget at the moment), you’ll still have your list to approach later. Simply keep warming them up until they are ready. Keeping them informed on your progress can  bring you new sales later.

Building Client Trust

Approaching targeted leads the right way builds long term trust. Your brand becomes recognised within your market, you get more mentions, and soon your sales / marketing leads starts to generate more and more pipeline for you. 

How Can Growth Notion Help?

In competitive markets, you can’t just wait for leads to trickle in. You need proven lead gen strategies capturing the qualified prospects already looking for solutions like yours.

Rather than scattered tactics, we use a comprehensive funnel approach from discovery through to sales.

We’ll conduct full market research on each of the potential companies that you’ll approach and provide a full breakdown
with contact details to help you your pitch.

How Are Sales Leads Generated?

We’ll benchmark your current lead gen results and provide comprehensive recommendations to accelerate growth. Our proven process optimizes the end-to-end lead lifecycle – from acquisition to revenue.

We'll understand your business

We’ll see what you offer, your USP, and what type of companies you’re looking to work with. Talking through your target audience is crucial to give you the best leads so that your sales team can be as productive as possible.

Understanding your audience

We’ll dive deep to understand what exactly your business does for other people. What need are you filling, and what benefits you bring to the table. 

Our Lead Generation Process

Combining the most accurate list building resources, company evaluation portals, Linkedin, and other sources, we’ll put together our list of contacts for you. It will include as minimum  names, titles, company names, and emails. But can also include more.

We use a combination of our manual researchers as well as AI powered tools. 


If needed we will build email campaigns for you with multiple touch points and automated follow ups to help you reach out to the people we found. 

The Result? Meetings Booked and Deals Closed.

Through this carefully crafted process you can expect your pipeline to grow significantly. Make sure your team is ready for the extra inflow. 

See for yourself - request a lead generation audit and proposal.


Our team will evaluate your current efforts and business goals. We’ll provide specific recommendations on how to:

Identify more high-quality prospects

Increase conversion rates throughout your funnel

Continually optimize performance over time

Align sales for seamless lead handoff

Don’t leave potential customers on the table. Attract and convert the right leads for sustainable growth.